I have set up a simple version of this game, called Clue Path in the past, but this Ultimate version turned out to be a nice alternative. Fewer clues, but more drawn out, and less of a race. Quite nice for a rainy Saturday morning. 

Basically, it’s linked activities, mixed with some clues, and very strict instructions (which serve to cut down on arguing), laid out in a “your mission is” kind of style…enhanced by some official-looking Courier New font. Spelling everything out, like who reads clues, where each kid sits when listening to one read a story, etc. was very necessary for my kids. Here’s our path… I tried to have an activity and some kind of follow-up for each, and included a job for each kid–focusing on what they are good at was helpful. 

  • Clean rooms, put clothes away (take photos)
  • Exercises (sign off that they were done)
  • Read a book (draw a picture of the main character)
  • Play restaurant (write down bill total)
  • Read a book (sign that you are done)
  • Girls watched Doodles with Mo while Joseph followed a simple recipe (sliced strawberries with chocolate syrup), then meet in the kitchen to eat it
  • Build Magna-tile quarantine apartments for Peppa Pig characters (record video tour and take photos, then knock it down and clean it up)
  • Make simple recipe (ants on a log–peanut butter on celery with raisins), but do it as an instructional cooking video
  • Go on a bird walk (record the birds you see)

Click below to view the pdf, and further below to download the doc you can modify.

Download the editable Word doc below.

Go Easy On Yourself

You will have to modify this, but here’s my Word doc to get you started.

It requires some setup, but kids are good at following these once they get into it. Go take a break, you deserve it. The kids will be rolling through this activity quietly, neatly, and totally without arguing! (No guarantees.)