Annika just turned 4 and can count and recognize some numbers. These are easy games with a standard deck of cards.

Game 1: Speedy Card Match

  1. Pick one suit and lay out the letter cards in one row and the number cards in row 2.
  2. Turn the rest of the cards face down in a stack.
  3. Pick a card off the top, find its match and lay it on top of that card.
  4. See how fast you can go.

Game 2: Cards with Mommy

  1. Each person gets 7 cards, the rest go in a stack face down.
  2. Pick a card from the stack. Look at your cards and if you have a pair (or more) that match, put them down face up in the common space. (You are going to make two rows like in the first game–letter cards in row 1, number cards in order in row 2).
  3. Then it’s the next person’s turn–pick a card from the stack, lay down any matches in order where they go in the row…plus you can lay down any single cards if that card’s stack has already been started with a pair.
  4. Repeat #3 until you have gone through the stack.
  5. That’s it. Everyone wins. Woo hoo.