Perfect Friday activity. A good incentive to the kids to clean their rooms (or whatever task), yields some downtime for you, and–printable included! I have to say that this was my husband’s idea. The build-up and presentation is key. I mean, they were so excited about this. Kids love mystery and getting something, and something tangible like a printed ticket. Here’s what he did:

  1. Kids, gather ’round! I have a special activity for you, but first you have to clean your rooms. When you are done, let me know and I will inspect and if you did a good job, you get a ticket to the event!!
  2. While they are working away, set up the event. In this case, we happen to have a projector I nabbed from my office so it made it something different, but you could do with a TV just as well. Or even another activity. The important part is that you prepped it so it seemed different than normal. Pull shades, set up viewing spots, make popcorn, allow soda (!) over carpet (!), and queue up a movie. Then close the doors to that room. Mystery!
  3. Inspect the required task; hand over the ticket. Make them line up to get in like at a theater.
  4. Take tickets, inspect for authenticity, open the doors, start movie.

Go Easy On Yourself

This pdf sheet of 4 tickets allows you to type in an event name, then print. Easy!

Give yourself a pat on the back, you are a genius. And way more stable than some who steal that title. You have just bought yourself a golden 90 minutes, my friend. Go relax! Nap! Have an ice cream drizzled with that liquor from the back of your cabinet! 😉