Old fashioned glue and construction paper day! Here are a few things we did, but there are a thousand site that come up when you Google ‘construction paper crafts’ so I’ll let you have a go at that. I do have a few good supplies I found.


  • Paper: Crayola’s 240 sheet pack of construction paper is a good deal at Target ($4.99). Amazon drives me nuts with their prices on some stuff…this same pack ranges from $5 to $15. It’s a bit thinner than I remember construction paper being, but for a few ideas I glued two sheets together with rubber cement to use as a background.
  • Eye stickers: 90 pair…another win at Target ($1.99)
  • Clipboards: The ones I got for homeschool stuff came in handy. I thought these were a great price at Target ($2.19).
  • Other stuff you probably already have: glue sticks, rubber cement, scissors, crayons, and colored pencils.


Some of our creations:

Eyes in the night… I put the stickers on…

Maddie filled in the creatures!

I glued yellow and black paper back to back… this was “day”

…and on the back, “night.”