Here’s how I explained it to the kids: Today’s project is to develop and run your own master class. Think of something to teach the other kids then teach it. You have 15 minutes to go think of the plan and gather materials. When it’s your turn, you will show everyone what to do, then give them a chance to do it. Come back here when you are all ready and I will draw a name for who goes first. Everyone will get their turn to be the teacher, and you have to attend everyone’s class. When you are all done, I have a prize.*

*Pro tip: Prizes help with follow-through. The prize at the end was a set of headphones for each of them. Really, more of a present to me.

Maddie’s Master Class: Plant Drawing. She had the kids choose a plant from the seeds we have started in the dining room, then they could either draw the seedling, or draw the finished vegetable. She then judged them and gave out paper ribbons she had made. Joseph’s carrots were 1st, Annika’s cucumbers took 2nd and her own broccoli finished 3rd.


Annika’s Master Class: Under the Sea. The kids had to draw a squiggly line for the water and under it draw ocean animals.

Joseph’s Master Class: He started off his class with a treat of Oreo cookies. Then presented each girl with a hair clip he made of sculpy of their favorite birds. They then followed him around the backyard on a bird walk, where he presumably taught them something.